Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Trion:z - magic or myth, it is not just me...

 I am someone that does not willingly take medicine or “pop pills”.  Yes there are occasions when I do take tablets, but they few and far between…I don’t like the thought or feeling of chemicals affecting my body, disguising what it actually happening.  I would not say that I thrive on pain, but I do want to know where I hurt and try to manage that pain myself.  If I swallowed pain killing tablets every time I was in pain then I would need them every day.  This is not something that I want to do.  My ankle has been a problem for years and it will continue to trouble me for the rest of my life.

Recovering from the latest surgery
Surgery has improved it, but the accurate diagnosis came too late and the damage had already been done.  My body has adapted and copes very well with what I have.  My mind has also become stronger as a result of managing the pain.  I do not believe that I would ever have become the accomplished ultra-runner that I am had it not been for my ankle and my determination to make the most of “borrowed time”.  For those that do not already know, I was advised several years ago that I would be a cripple in five years and that I would never be able to run more than one mile.  That comment kick started my quest to run a marathon.
Since then I have run over 80 marathons and ultra-marathons…

Royal Berkshire m'thon
Many years ago before any of the ankle surgery and at a time when extreme pain was something I just lived with, someone suggested that I tried wearing a magnetic bracelet.  I laughed at the idea of their “voodoo magic” actually being able to help my pain, but decided to humour them and placed a bracelet upon my wrist….
30 minutes later I started feeling a very strange sensation in my left arm (the one wearing the bracelet).  This feeling then spread throughout my body and I started feeling “spaced out”, not dissimilar to the feeling one gets when alcohol first starts affecting one’s body.  I started panicking as I was not in control of what was happening within my body.  I think as I panicked the feeling got worse simply because my breathing was rapid and shallow – so now I was dealing with two issues!
I pulled off the bracelet and handed it over to the owner.  Although I was scared at what happened, I was also very curious.  What if it could help me, what if it did make it easier to manage….

And so my love affair with magnetic therapy began.  Initially I tried Bioflow, then Phiten before finally finding Trion:z.
I will let the experts explain the theory behind the technology:
Basel 24h race

I am not going to say that Trion:z products provided a miracle cure for my pain, but I do believe that they help.  I wear them daily in all areas of my life from running to work and back again.  Since my introduction to Trion:z I have run for Scotland, Great Britain and myself.  I have run many ultra-distance events and I have run 15:48 for 5k and 4:28 for a mile.  I have run alone and I have been assisted by huskies at great speeds.  But the best thing of all is that I run almost every day in my life.  I still feel pain, but in a rather strange way this pain has become my “friend” – it has certainly helped me become who I am.
Kobi & Kade enjoyed the benefits of Trion:z
Kez - Canix Champion at Crufts

But the magic of Trion:z does not stop there, as all our huskies also wear Trion:z collars.  Two of the huskies (father and son) started showing signs of arthritis in their wrist around 11 years of age.  Both showed signs of improvement within one week of wearing their collars.  Several of my friends’ huskies have also shown rapid improvement in general health and energy levels since wearing Trion:z collars.

In times of extreme pain I have worn a large Trion:z broad band around my ankle.  I wore one for most of my 24 hour running debut in Basel.  Sadly it did not protect me from succumbing to heatstroke, but my ankle was certainly not the reason why I failed to reach my target distance!
The best bit of all about Trion:z products is that they are available in so many different styles and colours.  There is something for everyone and every outfit.  In fact my biggest problem before most races these days is deciding which colour of necklace and bracelet to wear!
And finally, did you know that Iron Man in the film The Avengers was powered by Trion:z Magtitan Neo Legend?

(all images courtesy of Ian J Berry & Trion:z)