Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Running with humans: The project

Following on from the success of the RUN247 interview with Kez & Kroi we have initiated a little project where they huskies will help others understand how they have been trained and what they have learned over the years when running with humans.
We have started compiling questions that may provide insightful and humorous answers...
5k parkruns
  • How did you learn to run
  • How old were you when you started running with humans
  • Can you remember your first ever run with a human
  • How many different humans have you run with, and how does it feel to run with different people
  • How do you know which way to go during a run
  • What do you wear when you are running
  • What is your favourite place to run
  • What don’t you like about running
  • What do you do if you get a thorn in your paw when you are out running
  • What do you think about when you are running
  • What is your biggest running dream
  • What happens when you run too quickly for your human
  • Does it hurt your human when you pull a human
  • What happens if your human trips or falls over
  • Do you do any hill training
  • Do you do any speed training

12 hour events
  • What do you think of all the different trainers that humans wear
  • If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be
  • Do you cross train
  • Have you ever lost your human during a run
  • What treats do you have after a very hard training session or a very long run
  • Do you ever not like running
  • How does your summer training differ from your winter training
  • Do you have any running dreams
  • Who is your greatest hero
  • Do you feel comfortable running with other dogs
  • Do you enjoy running with other human runners

LDWA challenge events
  • What do you do when you see a cat
  • Do you run in the dark, and if so how does your human manage to run without tripping up
  • Do you ever not want to run
  • Do you have a special pre-race regime
  • What happens if you get tired during a run
  • Do you need to have a shower after every run
  • What do you think of tarmac
  • What helps make you run faster
  • Have you ever ignored your human when out running
  • What is a typical week of training for you
  • Have you ever had to be carried home
  • What do you eat and drink when you are doing really long runs
  • Do you sleep for a long time after you have run
  • If you did not run, what would you do
  • What is the naughtiest thing that you have ever done
Ultra events

  • When you are running with another dog, what happens if one of you wants to run faster than the other
  • How do you cope with stiles
  • What do you think of rude dogs and/ or their owners
  • Does your human ever run without you
  • Who is the best runner in the family
  • What happens if your human goes the wrong way around a tree or lamp post
  • Running purely for fun....
  • What happens if you need to go toilet during a run
  • How do you run up and down steps with your human
  • Do humans slow you down when running up and down hills
  • Do you ever run without a human
  • How much faster would you be if you ran without a human

(Photos courtesy of Carolyn Thomson Easter, Ian J Berry & me)